The Bluebird of Happiness?

I took this picture while out for a walk last March. This character sits in front of a house just a few blocks away. I like walking around our neighborhood and taking pictures of things people put in their yards (though I only take pictures that don’t require pointing the camera directly at someone’s home). It was only today when I uploaded this picture here that I realized there’s a bird in the meditator’s beard.

Way to miss the obvious!

I for real just thought something was wrong with the beard. Or maybe it was some symbol I didn’t know.

It’s a bluebird.

Is it the bluebird of happiness? The little winged one looks kind of ticked off to me. (Not surprising, is it?)

I was going to write something about staying calm in challenging times, but perhaps I should write about missing what right in front of you. Or happiness is not what you think. Or are you living your life so a bird can take up residence in your beard?

What’s the bluebird of happiness see when it looks at you? Because that feathered one is looking.

I can’t believe I didn’t notice.

Thanks for reading!


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Wishing you many visitations from the happiness bluebird!

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