Starry Night

I prefer to read fiction over non-fiction, and I prefer to watch documentaries over movies. That seems contradictory, doesn’t it.

Recently, my husband and I thought we were going to watch the hand-painted aniamted movie about Vincent van Gogh, but what we clicked on turned out to be a documentary on the making of the film.

It turned out well though because it motivated us to find and watch the actual film, and we better appreciated the work that went into it.

A year or so ago, I read Ever Yours | The Essential Letters. The letters were incredible to read, a journey through his life–limited though it may be–and the days when his world was bright and the days in turmoil.

Then there is one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who.

I don’t have any wry words of wisdom or deep insight.

I’m just going to quote Neil Gaiman. “Make good art.”

Okay. Good comes with caveats.

Art comes with caveats.

Do what you can.


Thanks for reading.


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