Dog Love You

In the early days of the pandemic, when the city was shut down and the weather here was lovely, I’d find messages written on the sidewalks.

I haven’t been for a walk in quite some time. At the moment, it’s 23 degrees in my corner of the world, and we are not used to it. Well, we do have freezing days from time to time, but this is a freezing week. We breaking records and we do not have the clothes for it. Or the pipes or the city infrastructure. So far our pipes and our power have stayed the course. We’re lucky.

This month I’m trying to come up with an organizational system for all my stories. I’ve been procrastinating by making things.

And I watched this documentary:

The Book Makers Trailer from InCA Productions on Vimeo.

Wow. I saw many inspiring things! You can watch it for free right now on PBS. I really want to make a tunnel book, so that’s the next art project.

If you’re in the blast of winter, I hope you’re warm and safe.

I hope you’re safe and well wherever you are. “Dog love you!” grammar mistakes and all.

Thanks for reading.


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2 thoughts on “Dog Love You

  1. Tunnel books: cool! It was hard for me to “get” the whole accordion idea but once I saw a couple of them it was obvious. Here’s a story about the restoration done to an old one, at the Smithsonian site… might be some ideas for how to keep fragile areas of the pages from becoming damaged. Looking forward to seeing your own efforts — I know n the past you’ve shown yourself capable of working on things of maddening intricacy, so this idea seems right up your alley!

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