Day 2. Story-a-Day May continues.

Story-a-Day May continues!

Today has been an off sort of day. I never quite got the hang of today. But I did sit down to add another story to the collection of Telling the Future with Illustrious Ladies.

I don’t want to share full stories on my blog, but the start of the second story is here. Thank you for reading!

Many stories have been told about the royal family Rosameer. The two kings ruled a golden age, and together they had twelve children. Many tales have been told of the adventures of those princesses and princes within the kingdom and without, but I shall tell you the story rarely heard. By your time it may have been forgotten all together (as so many stories often are).

The Rosameer kings ruled well enough for kings, (and arguments on monarchy are for another text), but no family is perfection, a royal one least of all.

Who is the illustrious lady of our tale, you, dear reader, might ask? Indeed. Mari Nallenova, castle gardener and reader of stars. The children called her Aunty Lo.

And many children there were. What with twelve children, the kings had many grandchildren and often they were found playing in the jasmine orchards or napping under the trellises of roses. And patient Aunty Lo kept an eye on them.

And her eyes were keen.

She went to the kings one bright evening to tell them news she was sure was true. This wasn’t prophecy as much as understanding evidence and consequences, but many a layperson does confuse them, even kings. Let me be clear, dear reader, Mari Nallenova knew she’d not be believed.

But her fate was to tell the truth and she was brave.

To the two kings on their dais, she bowed, and then she spoke. “Your seventh grandchild is ill.”

The two kings exchanged confused looks.

“Cadelia, sirs. She comes to you to play chess and is always begging for a herd of horses. Little Cadelia Rosameer needs saving.”

A reminder! Telling the Future with Illustrious Ladies is a book within a book. When it’s done, I’ll share the work on Patreon.

Thank you again! Be safe and be well.

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