Story-a-Day May Begins!

I love StoryaDay. Often when I post about it, someone tells me why they can’t do it. And there are many valid reasons for not taking part. Nothing is for everyone. (Well, air. That’s generally for everyone.)

So my love of it and participation in it is not me knocking on your door like a missionary trying to convince you to join me. I’m actually in my own space writing, caring about my own characters and my own writing process. So you can tell me why it doesn’t work for you but I don’t need to know. Really.

If you are taking part though, let me know and I’m cheering you on! Yay! I’m excited for you!

But either way, I’m in my own space selfishly caring about my own writing.

I wrote a bit about what I’m doing the other day. (See that post here.)

So yes, my main writing idea is based on Telling the Future with Illustrious Ladies. The stories are a book within a book, and the narrator is not me. Here is how today’s piece begins:

Where shall we begin? Who do I dare to claim as the first illustrious lady? Records are slim from the far back times, of course, and choose the lady you believe to be first and ask yourself, who was this lady’s mother? You see the problem. Never erase the mother.

But begin we must, and we shall begin with a war. The War of Three Mountains. Are you reading this far enough in the future that this war is barely in the history books? Perhaps there have been more important wars between the time I sit writing this and you, dear reader, read. I shall hope not, but I look to our royalty and think endless peace remains generations away.

I’m anonymous so I can dare write such things.

But to the War of Three Mountains. You may know it differently depending on the Kingdom that wrote your history book. But for our story it is the War of the Three Mountains. Can you see the mountains from where you are, dear reader? Where they meet are the gates between kingdoms. But once upon a time, there were no gates.

And this brings us to Anisha Prath, who cared nothing for war and was by this time an old woman. She’d raised children, several not even her own. And she forged iron to make her living. Yes, she and her workers forged the great gate in the valley of the three mountains. Someone had to do it, and no it was not thrown there by the gods to mark the end of the war, though the royal house likes to claim such nonsense.

My overall goal is to write a story everyday. This is always the goal, but with trying to make art and journals to sell and creating a community, story writing happens only every few days. StoryADay helps me focus. But I also want to polish old stories and send them out to journals, and I want to write query letters for agents.

Thanks for reading and happy May!

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