Heading toward the New Year

What are you looking forward to?

I’ve had a hard time thinking of a topic that isn’t gloomy, but I don’t want to focus on gloom today.

The Christmas lights are on. This year our tree is made of books, which are themselves made out of trees, so we’re not far from tradition.

Putting a star on a book tree takes some figuring, but the star is there! (You can’t see the weirdness propping it up unless you get up close.)

So, what are you looking forward to?

I have no trips planned, no shows scheduled, no events yet that I know of. The coffeeshop where I hang my art every October is being forced from its location, so there isn’t even that.

Well, but it’s Christmas Eve and we shall look at the lights and things that shine, the gifts and moments of joy, the friends and family that string everything together.

What am I looking forward to?

In no particular order:

Birthdays. (I love birthdays. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you’re here!) Wild flowers. (We planted wild flowers in our front yard this fall. May they bloom bright and beautiful this spring! Fingers crossed.) Unexpected treasures. (Like good books and new places.) Student successes. (Especially those moments when understand flashes and they learn something new or they get that test score they’ve wanted.) Good news. (When a friend jumps for joy at having a story accepted or a grandchild is born or a job is gotten or medical tests come back clear or whatever else wonderful awaits!) Laughter. (Whether in person or over Zoom, there will be shared moments of silliness!) The moon. (I’ll never tire of noticing the beauty of the moon whether full or crescent. Look up, people. Look up!) Perfect weather. (It happens! And when I’m lucky I can sit on the patio or go for a walk and enjoy it.) Gestures of love and friendship. (Letters and conversations and thoughtfulness and help at just the right time.)

It’s enough.

Now, whatever you’re looking forward to, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for reading. And Merry Christmas.

My one year anniversary is coming up on Patreon! I am also looking forward to that!

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