And if you threw a party…

Just before I sat down to write this, I saw the headlines about Betty White. I remember watching her in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Then I loved her in The Golden Girls.

She had a long and magnificent life. Of course, we all have to bow out sometime, and though it’s a shame she died so close to her 100th birthday, it seems fitting that she left on the day when many of us will have a bottle of sparkling wine at the ready. I’m not sure how I feel about toasting the start of 2022, but I’ll raise a glass to icon Betty White. May we all embrace our lives with such panache.

What was I going to write before seeing the headlines? Oh, something about goals instead of resolutions. Or something about never being able a choose a word for the year like several of my friends do. Maybe something about the challenges of 2021 and the hopes for 2022.

But forget all that.

Whatever 2022 has in store, wherever we are in our journey, may we head down the path with the humor and gusto of the last Golden Girl. Betty White may be gone, but may her spirit burn bright in each of us.

Wishing you the best in 2022.

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