Another Year in Space

In the New Year

I haven’t made any resolutions. I happened to walk more recently than I usually do, but I started a few months ago walking regularly again, so this was just extra. I’d like to make it a normal thing, and as I pondered how to do so, my ratty over 15-year-old walking shoes bothered me as did my poorly fitting jeans. I don’t own workout clothes. Working out in jeans is not…ideal.

Post-Christmas break, the budget doesn’t agree with new workout clothes. And the effort to find clothes that fall into the sweet Venn diagram middle challenges any inner calm I might have.

I can, of course, walk in what I’ve got. (And I’m anxious about finally getting Covid and missing work.)

I still don’t have a resolution to exercise more.

I’ve been watching these home makeover/organizing shows. But I’m NOT making a resolution to be more organized.

2022 just doesn’t feel like a resolution year. It doesn’t even feel real, this change, this extra 2… I’m not in the mood for it, frankly.

But here it is. Like an awkward, unpredictable houseguest.

I don’t have resolutions for my writing or my art or my teaching. The plan is to get to October, when decorations can go up again. And I don’t do the choose-a-word-for-your-year thing, but if I did, it would probably be that unglamorous word maintain.

That’s it. Maaaiiinnnnntaaaaiiinnnnn!

What about you? Do you have a word for the year? Any resolutions?

What are you looking forward to?

Take care, y’all. Stay safe.

I’ve succeeded in one year of Patreon! I am really happy about that. If I can do one year, another one can happen!

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4 thoughts on “Another Year in Space

  1. Word for the year: “maintain” is pretty good, so well done, you. Although for reasons I can’t fully understand let alone explain, the first word that popped up in my head was “Oy.”

    “Oy” is an interesting word because of numerous connotations. There’s “Oy veh!” of course. But there’s also the outraged Brit “Oy!” or “Oi!” — if I remember correctly, Doctor Who‘s Donna said that quite a bit (with reason). And then there was a character named “Oy” in Stephen King’s book series, The Dark Tower: he was an intelligent, ferociously loyal animal, a sort of dog (a “billy-bumbler”) who could almost talk. (His name came from his attempts to say the word “boy,” which he couldn’t quite frame properly with his mouth. He wanted to say that word because he’d grown attached to the boy Jake who figures prominently in the series.)

    So I dunno. “Maintain” or “Oy” — I can see it both ways!

    1. I love Donna’s use of “Oi!” I channel that quite a bit in daily life.

      And “Oi” or “Oy” seems even more apt that “maintain.” It might be my fallback word.

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