Must Run Screaming

Why do we write and try to publish?  Why do we put ourselves through this kind of lunacy?  Why do we say we want to publish and then have panic attacks over anyone actually reading what we wrote? I’d write more but I’ve got to run screaming out of the room now.  What are you doing? 

4 thoughts on “Must Run Screaming

  1. Whenever I meet people who are content to have just any job and enjoy life with their family and go to the lake on Saturday (or whatever), I sometimes get jealous. How much easier would it be to not have a passion for something that’s so darn hard to attain?

    Right now I’m about to go downstairs and eat breakfast. I just finished 700 words of my novel, and then I contributed a photo to a shutter sister’s prompt, and then I read your blog….that’s pretty much my morning routine before my little one wakes up.

    I’m going to read your Chapter One today providing A is feeling well. Yesterday he was under the weather and we had a bad day.

  2. Tuesdays are big writing days for me so I am sitting here hoping that at the end of the day, I have something to look at that I wrote. I wrote a bit this morning and am about to dash out the door, notebook in hand.

    I had a dream last night that I was writing in the park and a rat ate my sandwich. I was mad because it meant I had to stop writing to move to another writing spot and stop somewhere to get another sandwich. I was hoping to write in the park today, but now I’m thinking the library will be better.

  3. I’m about to try to write something myself, resisting the voices that tell me it might not amount to much and that I’d be better of cleaning the toilets, stretching, and writing a job description for my husband’s growing business.

    I read Chapter One last night. I stayed up late to do it, which indicates its worthiness in my book. It’s vivid writing, slightly elusive as far as where we are in time, how old the characters are, and just how it is they have come to be living where and how they are. All of this is to say, I want to keep reading, to learn more. I loved this: “Isn’t that sweater a bit tight to be hugging uncles?” and this: “Lightning startled the sky and she looked forward to the rain.” The dialogue is sharp, both spare and evocative. I caught a few missed words and typos – do you want that kind of feedback?

    Thanks so much for sharing. You can continue screaming now.

    xo Jena

  4. Blogging has made me much more comfortable with putting myself out there — and I’ve given up on publishing. I want to be that oxymoron the happy writer. I’m going to have to print and read Chapter One — I’ll never do it at the computer.

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