See the Obvious

Every artist must face that moment of putting work out in front of the world.  Some compare the experience to sending one’s child out alone for the first time, but the child analogy doesn’t always work.  I’d hurt someone who hurt my child, but if that someone tears apart my work, well, there’s more work and maybe when I make it again, it really will be better and stronger and all those wonderful things.   

The comments I’ve so far received on chapter one have been kind and helpful. The points that need working on I agree with and wonder, of course, why I didn’t see them the first time around. But there you go. The obvious is only obvious when you’re standing in the right place, and who knows where that place is?

Thank you everyone!

One thought on “See the Obvious

  1. It can’t be obvious to you, or you would have been a child genius, writing a Pulitzer-worthy book at the age of 17.

    Whenever I read anything I wrote more than, say, a month ago, I cringe at all the things I missed. And the more time I let it sit, the more I see that’s wrong.


    But it means we’re getting better!

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