Wasn’t going to, but…

I made a few teeny-tiny changes to the chapter over there.  Just a few.  But now I’m really going to put it away for a while.  Really.

One thought on “Wasn’t going to, but…

  1. Well, I read it again and I still like it. 🙂

    My only suggestion is that perhaps the chapter ends too neatly. You have tension in the car, a good indication that more conflict – and those lies we all want to know about – are ahead, and the car ride will bring us to the action – all good stuff for the reader – but perhaps a little more mystery and less description about the Red Moon. ??

    Of course, I want the details of all that happens at the Red Moon, but make me beg and wait for it.

    Just a thought. I like the feeling of going down the highway with all THIS STUFF going on under the surface in the car. Quite a bit a baggage in that car, I suspect.

    It’s fun, by the way, to look at your chapter.

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