Don’t forget.


In all the fuss to get the writing right–you know, character, pacing, plot, dialogue, style, voice, POV, and, oh, everything else–I think somewhere in there it ought to just every once in a while be fun.

10 thoughts on “Don’t forget.

  1. You are moving so fast, I think: does she have no other life? Is she using previous material? Had she outlined her plot before? Is she a Nano virgin? Has she sent her children to boarding school and taken a one month sick leave from work after “slipping” on the stairs the last day of October, you know, on some Halloween candy. What is your magic? What is you schedule? Tell! Tell! I am writing a collection of stories, not a single novel which I will never do, not in this lifetime, but still, still it is so slow, I can’t expect more than 10, 000 but I dream of more but I’m so bogged down with everything else. What’s the secret password?

  2. Fun, yes. Is this anxiety and stress really all that necessary?

    I’ve done it before, so I know it can be done. Maybe I use the anxiety to urge myself forward.

    But fun is still better than nervous wreck.

  3. Although I’m not doing the Nano…I came in too late right or could I start now?? You are all inspiring me to work this month HARD but to have tons of fun….good luck M!

  4. I think the secret password may be to not stress or compare yourself or your progress to anyone else (?). I tried Nanowrite a few years ago and the process didn’t work for me. Then, I wrote a novel in a year, learning my own pace and working style, learning as much about myself as a creative writer as I did about craft. I now know that I can write a good novel in a year, and keep doing it, while tihnking I could write a novel in a month, and do it over and over again? forgeddaboudit!

  5. Probably (mostly) because I’m not doing Nano, I’m really enjoying reading about everyone’s experiences — even in the form of little progress reports and cheering-one-another-on blog posts.

    Go go go.

    (Is your kiddo one of the ones in the battling-caterpillars photo? Love that costume!)

  6. Querulous Squirrel, whether or not I have another life is open to debate. I’m not using previous material. I didn’t outline and I’m not a NaNo virgin (this is my 5th time!). My child is not in boarding school and I’m not taking time off work. Really. I gave up TV. And this is the one month where I don’t second guess myself. I write whatever ridiculous idea comes into my head and use the other 11 months to clean up the mess. Hey, what I’ve got so far is crap, but for a month I don’t care.

    Natasha, you don’t need to sign up to write anything. Go write.

    Sarah, I don’t try to write a good novel. I just want to get the story on the page. I also like NaNo for the friends I’ve made. One of my very best friends who has made a huge difference in my creative life I met doing NaNo. I’m so glad to have more writers in my life.

    JES, yes, my kid is one of those walking tunnels/ caterpillars–although this was not his Halloween costume. This was just a fun being outside thing to do with the neighbor kids.

    shelli, don’t think about getting right. Think about getting it down.

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