7 thoughts on “not ready to leave the party

  1. Don’t know. Ever since I started painting every night and posting about it, I have something to post.

    Today, and yesterday, I didn’t have a painting that I liked enough to post, so I…took a self portrait and posted that. Let myself be inspired by someone else’s post and made a list.

    It’s just like the painting, though. When I keep it to Flying Girl, or the Oracle series, I can figure out something. When I have no limits and I can paint anything, I freeze up.

    Gotta keep looking for those ideas everywhere. And when they come, write them down, even if it’s not convenient, or they go away, and you sit down at the computer or paper with nothing in your head. Or I do, anyway.

  2. fairyhedgehogblog

    I hope this isn’t the end but it really depends on what you want.

    You could continue this blog with a different type of writing, or close this one and start a new one. You could put together all your existing blog entries and edit them into a book.

    I love reading what you write, but what do you want to do?

  3. This is a small part of the reason I am taking a break from blogging and posting photos. I ran out of stuff, and I didn’t have the energy to come up with anything quick. So a break has done me good. I’m slowly thinking of new ideas.

    You’ll think of something. Don’t fret.

  4. Okay, now, on that question:

    I’ve always liked the title of your blog, and don’t think I’ve ever seen an explanation why you call it that. At the least, though — and assuming you never meant it literally (like “writing from the deck of my houseboat” or “…from my chair at the beach” or whatever), it suggests impermanence — sort of sketching with a fingertip.

    I bet if you put aside everything you’ve done with this blog so far (and with the Lake Belle project(s), and even your current art site), and just sort of let your mind go loose — turn into a fingertip — I bet you’ll come up with something very different but just as great.

    Complete confidence in you. (Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to do much other than encourage. :))

  5. rowena, I’ve got ideas, but whether or not they’ll work here… I don’t know what to do. Flying Girl could fly forever.

    fairyhedgehog, you’re nice. I don’t know that I’m ready to answer the question.

    shelli, I’m looking forward to your new ideas!

    Edurne, you surprised me, but you’re nice too for leaving a note. I’m thinking, I’m thinking.

    JES, thanks for the award. You are super-duper! And I’ve never explained the title–don’t really want to yet. Thanks for confidence.

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