6 thoughts on “because if I could…

  1. Did a search on that (artist?dancer?)’s name, and a separate one on “dance trapeze.” Who knew? It’s like been going on all this time and I’d never even heard of it. (Not that I exactly have my finger on the pulse of the arts. Well, except for American Idol.)

    There’s another cool YouTube video of Ms. Bongiovonni doing this to “Assassin’s Tango” (according to one commenter) in some sort of cabaret. (Which, when I first read that title, made me think, “Please keep a tight grip on your stemware, folks!”)

  2. Sherri, I guess it depends on your shed and how many cushions you want on the ground.

    JES, Thanks for the link. I’m always happy to watch more of this sort of thing–because hey, I’m not busy!

    Sophie, glad you’re back. Maybe you could swing from a trapeze if you could do it while holding a barf bag.

    Sarah, in my dreams is the only way I’m going to do it now, but there was a time…

    Shelly, well, all right then.

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