Connect the Characters

If I hadn’t agreed to go to a party in Haskovo, Bulgaria in 1994, I might not be married today. For that matter, if I hadn’t decided to go to Indiana State University instead of Bowling Green, I might not be married today. My husband might be married to someone else.

There is a scene in When Harry Met Sally when Carrie Fisher’s character warns Sally that someone else could end up married to her husband. So, that woman, who is she married to instead? What other children might have been in the world?

In an episode of Doctor Who, Donna Noble is able to change a past choice, and the Doctor dies as a result.

I started blogging a few years ago and so met you. Well, in that Internet sort of way.

Where am I going with this? It is like when I start a story and have scant clue what the character will do next. I just keep asking, if she does this, what will the other characters do in response?

This may be why my plots go all over the place.

What choice in life brought you and your writing to where it is today?

6 thoughts on “Connect the Characters

  1. I’ve always seen certain choices I made as being detrimental. But those same choices and their consequences have caused me to start writing. If I hadn’t made those choices, my life might have been easier, happier. And dull. When we write fiction, we get to decide what happens. In real life, we can’t know what would have happened if we’d made different choices.

    Just some thoughts. I’m glad you started blogging and I did, too. I’m glad we met – in an Internet sort of way.

    1. I don’t want to know what might have been. I like where I am and who I’ve met. The idea of how choices connect us, bring us together, that interests me. Glad you’re here too.

  2. It’s like that Star Trek TNG episode where Warf goes through multiple alternate universes. So many choices. Or so it would seem. Sometimes I’m not sure that we really have any at all, only the illusion of choice.

    Eh, it’s late. I must be sleepy. 🙂

  3. The choice which brought my writing to the point where it is now was an exercise in dialog. To differentiate two individual voices on the page, without speaker tags. Then to add a third voice, and still be able to distinguish them without speaker tags. That exercise captured my wife’s imagination and she encouraged, then pestered, me to keep it going. Eventually it grew into a manuscript which has now been chopped into a novella which will eventually be put back into a novel. I think. Maybe. If I feel like it.

    Doing an exercise. And I did it wrong.

    1. You can’t do an exercise wrong if it gets you to write. How could it be wrong if your here with this novel/novella/manuscript? You didn’t do it wrong. You did it your way.

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