It’s your choice.


In June of 1985 my mom wrote me this.

I have thought long and hard about a lot of things. Since you have never really asked me for anything, nor reproached me for anything, your requests have a great deal of weight with me.

I’ve always loved you as your mother, but let me say, I admire your person very much. You are becoming an individual I think people will take note of, and admire. These will also be those who do not like you, or admire you; and it is inevitable, if you are to be a true person, that will be true. The more true you are to yourself, the more there will be those jealous or not understanding. It’s a choice you make.

How true are you to yourself?

4 thoughts on “It’s your choice.

  1. What good does it do to NOT be true to oneself? Even if you live alone, all you end up doing is living with a liar. Who wants that?

    And yet, we all know someone who does that, don’t we? Sad.

    1. Well, I think some people don’t know who their true self is. For all I know, everything I do is simply a reaction to my parents and not who I ought to be. Or maybe that is who I am… this path goes in circles.

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