Emily's art and mine!

More art or more writing?

I had an art show today, and it went well. People I didn’t even know bought my art! A few friends bought art too. And friends may tell you they like your art to be polite. But few people part with their money to be polite.

And I give people this blog address (see! look! over there in the side bar is a link to some of the art!), but it doesn’t feel very all that it should be.

But a proper website? Really?

The odd thing is that I feel the best part of this blog is done. I spent those months writing something of a memoir, and now what do I have to say?

I must be crazy to be a writer and an artist and a mother and a teacher… I am not made out of energy and time.

But the show today was good. I’m thankful for every person who came.

3 thoughts on “Show!

  1. I’m happy you had a good show! Thanks for keeping us updated, even though you’re not much into the blog anymore. I’ll follow you if you move to a proper website.

    From what I can see, you’re doing a pretty good job balancing it all. Much better than I am, and I don’t have that much to balance.

    1. Thanks, Sherri. I want to be into the blog, but I feel that I’ve said all the interesting things. Other people know the writing business better than I do, and the rest seems like whining! I don’t want to give up the blog either… oh what to do.

  2. I’m glad your show went well. I know how crazy it is to be juggling all that. It’s an intimidating thing to step out into the real world and declare yourself an artist and/or a writer. I am continually intimidated. All I can do is take my babysteps out there and see if it goes anywhere. I enjoy watching you take the same journey and having successes. But even the failures are successes, because that means you’re out there.

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