The Light around the Corner

Sending your work out into the world is an adventure–no matter the path.

E-publishing is a widening path these days, but that doesn’t make it easy.

Friend and colleague, Niamh Clune, launched her book a few weeks back, and due to technical difficulties, has had to launch the book again. Many lessons learned, including–Amazon isn’t as easy to deal with as it leads one to believe.

But when you’re putting your work out into the world and asking people to take part in it, you have to keep the faith. Things go wrong, you could take it as a sign that it isn’t meant to be. You could see it as a sign that you must really want what you say you want, that you must persevere.

I’ve seen women and men come to a speed practice, and never come back. Maybe the realized skating as fast as a person can wasn’t for them. Maybe they let the fear of the corner get the better of them.

Why do we say that anyway? Get the better of someone. Seems to me if you get what is better, they should come out shining, right?

Ah, language.

So, Niamh has worked hard and seen her efforts reach the light. See where it shines.

Find her book at Amazon.

Thank you. And keep writing. Don’t let those corners get you.

4 thoughts on “The Light around the Corner

  1. It would take a lot more than Amazonian glitches to prevent me re-publishing what is my vocation and purpose in life. We are creative people. We can always find a way around obstacles. The point is the message contained within the book. Thank You, Marta.

    1. Oh, I know you won’t let a glitch hold you back. I just seem to encounter people who have the potential to do great things, but who let small obstacles stay in the way. I hope stories of people like you can motivate those individuals to get up and keep going.

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