Carcinoma Wonderland


I don’t know how much about my life with breast cancer I want to blog about. But I’ve started an FB page to share this experience for what it’s worth. The FB page feels more conversational and more immediate. But the page isn’t for everyone. The blog format isn’t really working for me on this.


Click through and like if it’s a conversation you’re interested in: A Journey through the Carcinoma Wonderland.


4 thoughts on “Carcinoma Wonderland

    1. I’d be more lonely if I didn’t share. And in a way, I’d feel irresponsible. I mean, if I know something that might help someone else, I need to share it.

      Thanks for your support. And lots of good thoughts to you through these times.

      1. Thanks so much. You might be lonely not sharing, but think how many people feel so much less lonely now that you do. I’m sorry the blog format doesn’t work for you since Facebook isn’t for everyone.I think the blog reaches so many more people because it can easily be tweeted. I wish you the best of luck and am here if I can help in any way.

      2. Thank you for reading as always. You’ve got me thinking more about it. Facebook has its good and its evil sides. But most of my friends and family who want to be updated on things won’t read my blog. They just don’t ever read blogs. But they keep up through FB. But you have a good point about blogging, and I do want to keep up with my blog as well. I suppose I really can do both!

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