May Storytelling

May is here! And I don’t know what you’re writing these days, but I’m taking a giant stab at Story-A-Day May. I’ve managed it before, but I’m not sure this time how chemo treatments are going to get in the way. To be accurate, how the side-effects are going to get in the way.

But don’t we always have things to get in the way?

I like to post my stories in their rough, rough form over at my other blog The Fairy Tale Asylum. If you’re participating, let me know.

3 thoughts on “May Storytelling

  1. Brianna Soloski

    Who knows? You may end up being super productive during this time. I’m not doing Story A Day May this year since I’m deep in revisions of my current novel. I also need to finish my half dozen other WIPs before I start yet another new project.

    1. Oh, focus on the novel. Definitely. The universe knows I’ve got plenty, PLENTY, of projects to finish. But right now I need the buzz of something new. New-ish anyway.

      Good luck with your revisions.

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