Chemo Friday

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On Fridays I sit in the infusion room and get my chemo cocktail. You’d think, stuck in a cushy chair attached to tubes that I could use that time to write something interesting. I sit here for about four hours. Surely I could do something useful. Most of the time though my mind wanders and then I fall asleep. Until chemo, I’d never taken Benadryl, and it seems Bendadryl makes me sleepy.

But I want to do something. Make something. I hate that feeling of spinning my wheels. Although, it’s not as if I haven’t wasted plenty of time in my life when I was healthy and had tons of time to waste.

6 thoughts on “Chemo Friday

  1. Not the easiest of things to do when having to sit fairly still while the drugs are flushed through your system. Doesn’t stop you mentally planning all the things you’re going to do when the nightmare is over though. xxx Hugs xxx

  2. My husband has cancer and one of the most frustrating aspects is the lack of productivity and difficulty concentrating. It gets better after the chemo they say. He also had a stem cell transplant which contributes to the fatigue. He’s getting better by the numbers in his blood production every week, but the fatigue is still there so far. Wishing you and him the swiftest recovery in history.

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