Finish Something


One thing I want to do is make hand made books. I’ve got no market for handmade books and one book takes a ton of time, so they aren’t practical.

But they’re fun, and I’ll probably make more.

Years ago, I started a story about two rabbits, Ink and Mirabelle. This weekend, I finished one version of their story. That’s one half-done project now off my table! That’s a good feeling. Many projects await.

I’m working on illustrating another children’s book for Plum Tree Books. That’s a priority, but I’m pondering one of the images. It’s a butterfly, and I love butterflies. But this has to be a just-right butterfly. Some projects have to sit a while before they click. This isn’t good when you’re on a deadline though.

I also want to work on my other manuscripts. I’ve got at least eight. That’s kind of crazy.

How do you decide what to work on? I have friends who have several projects going on and they can’t decide what to finish. Sometimes nothing gets finished. There’s always that other project that is more alluring, more promising, than the one in front of you.

One thing though about a cancer diagnosis, it motivates. I think about all the unfinished things I have in my office… I’m officially cancer free now (hurray!!), but this cancer journey reminded me of how life isn’t a promise. There’s a lot of work I want to get done.

What projects are you working on?


In the meantime, my novel, The Blue Jar, is on Amazon. I’ve got art on Etsy and cards on Bonanza.

Thanks as always for stopping by.

6 thoughts on “Finish Something

  1. I love your inspiration! I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a million ideas running around my head. I’ve tried hard to stop ‘should-ing’ myself and just do what drives me in that moment….even if I ‘should’ be doing something bigger on my list.
    Your passion is beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Abitofbuddha. I think there are many of us with many ideas in our heads. Some times are meant for following what drives us, and other moments need us to follow the shoulds. Knowing the difference is the trick! Thank you for reading.

  2. Personally, and I would, of course, say this, but I go for the dead-lines. I have loads of projects also demanding my attention. I have to prioritise, or those waiting on me at the end of my production chain are disappointed. I have to supply retail outlets and customers, or I lose their custom. Then there is nothing in pace to support any of it or provide new outlets for new projects. So, I take care of the building blocks first! This is why, the follow-up to my own book has been finished for two years now, and I still haven’t had time to publish it. I console myself with the fact that once everything else is in place, there will be a structure to support not only my own work but the work of others also.

  3. You reminded me of Sir Neil’s wisdom: “When people come to me and say, ‘I want to be a writer. What should I do?’, I say, ‘You have to write.’ And sometimes they say, ‘I’m already doing that. What else should I do?’ I say, ‘You have to finish things.’ Because that’s where you learn from; you learn by finishing things.” ~Neil Gaiman

    Hurray for “cancer-free”! Off to finish something.

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