Chasing Castles

in the rain

Soon my art should be hanging in a gelato shop here in town. And in another month or so, I might have some work in a local festival. In October, I have another show at my favorite local coffee shop. With a group of friends I’m working on an absurd magazine (more on that another time). Also, in the fall, I’ll be participating in a new authors event at Barnes & Noble. Next year, I want to take part in a cool indie press/comic book fest that’s just a few minutes from my house. I want to work on a comic strip and handmade books for that. Can one actually sell handmade books? Is there really a market for that? I want to make them, but I don’t know what anyone would buy them. Also, with any luck, I’ll have another book finished and ready to be published.

It’s good to have goals, right?

5 thoughts on “Chasing Castles

  1. Goals are great, giving us all something to look forward to. Just think, by October your hair will be fully back and you’ll be glad of a trim. I wish yo huge success with the current book and hope you manage to meet the deadline for the next one. It’s easy to be sidetracked with all the extra events.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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