My Story Unicorn


How do you think a unicorn starts its day?

As a kid, I wanted to be a unicorn. Sometimes I would wish to turn into one. Ah, childhood.

I don’t suppose I can be a unicorn and a writer. Unicorns can’t type. As far as I know.

Tomorrow will be a year since my surgery. Chemo is over. I’m still NED (No Evidence of Disease), and my hair is growing back. This week I went to work without my wig. I hate how short my hair is, but it will grow. Of course. I know that. But I really can’t convey how much I hate having short hair.

People tell me how great my hair looks short. Friends are trying really hard to convince me they mean it. Some even say I should always wear my hair like this. That’s never going to happen.

I suppose a unicorn is comfortable in its own skin. Don’t you think?

But aside from worrying about hair, I’ve been writing and drawing. I finished a draft (last?) of my second novel, Drowning Karma. And I want to move on novel three, which is a project I started last year, The Fairy Tale Asylum. I have part of the story written, and I want to spiff it up and get ready for Story-A-Day May. Do you participate in Story-A-Day May?

Cancer has certainly fed my sense of mortality. And in the spirit of I-don’t-want-to-die-with-all-these-half-written-manuscripts-unfinished, my goal this year is to get through as many of my rough drafts as possible. One down. Many more to go.

One thought on “My Story Unicorn

  1. Congratulations on such a fantastic anniversary Marta. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to know someone has beaten cancer. I’m thrilled that such a talented author and artist is staying with us. You may hate your short hair, but while it’s growing back what a badge of courage it is and what a reminder to you of what you’ve beaten. I suppose it’s also a reminder of what you’ve suffered so I can understand your own dislike of it. Most people will just disregard the hair in their delight that you’re still with us.

    Congratulations also on the draft of the second book. I haven’t heard of Story- a- day- May but looking at the Unicorn sketch ( or self-portrait?) I was thinking what a wonderful children’s book could be created during that event with accompanying pictures. I especially like the black and white effect. It occurred to me how much cheaper my recent poetry book could have been if I’d used black and white pictures instead of colour and how much nicer with sketches of the quality of yours.

    I’ll be ready to congratulate you every year for many years to come so keep drawing and keep the books coming.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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