Dream Hair


My hair is growing back. It’s a little more than two inches in length. Everyone says nice things about it, of course. I hate it. I’m happy it is growing back, but I can’t wait for it to be longer.

When does our hair become important to us? My son was almost two before we took him for his first haircut. he was in a fury. Although, he may have been upset at the strange woman waving scissors over his head more than the actual hair cut.

When I was in 1st or 2nd grade, I gave myself a bad hair cut. My dad sent me to school that way for a week before he took me somewhere to “fix” it. I was mortified, and I never gave myself another haircut.

My dad’s second wife screamed and refused to let me sit at the table if I didn’t have my hair the way she wanted it.

Recently, I’ve learned that my son is lucky to go to an elementary school with no hair code. A few kids have mohawks, some kids have blue or pink hair, and nobody gets in a snit. My son has long hair, which I’ve been told is not allowed at schools in nearby districts.

A few years ago someone stole a lock of my hair while I watched a movie. He (Okay, it might have been a female for all I know, but I’m guessing a man. Call me crazy.) snipped off my hair and I didn’t feel a thing. I’ve yet to stop being paranoid when I go to the movies.

My hair can not grow fast enough.

Do you have any funny hair story?

2 thoughts on “Dream Hair

  1. When I was fifteen an older boy I had a crush on shaved off all his hair and then gave it to me in a baggie. He never explained why and I was too shy to ask. I confess that I shrieked when he uncovered his bald head int he middle of a party and then tossed the baggie to me. I still wonder about it but now that I’d have the courage to ask, he isn’t around to ask anymore. As I’m writing this however, I’m thinking it might make a for an interesting line or two in a poem. Hmmmm…

  2. I once had a buzz cut…I had long, naturally curly hair that was the envy of everyone. I cut it all off in rebellion when my marriage ended. It soon grew back. I couldn’t stop it!

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