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I’m hoping to do something I’ve never been able to do–go to a writers’ conference. Writers Unboxed will hold a conference in November in Salem. Salem! I’ve always wanted to go to Salem.

Anyway, there is also a fundraiser to help a group of women get to the conference. If you can help and would like several wonderful writerly items, take a look here. Take a look at the resources being offered.

This is what the site says:


(and help yourself to some fantastic resources
at an unbelievable discount while you’re at it!)

Writing conferences can be a valuable experience for authors — the information, the focus, and the camaraderie. They take money and time, but they’re worth it.

Unfortunately, authors who are mothers with small children often find it even harder to manage, both financially and from a time standpoint. Often the dreams of writing take a back seat to the necessities of family life.

The Un-Conference — and the mothers left behind.

There’s a strong sense of connection for the members of Writer Unboxed. They’re holding their first in-person conference in November — the Un-Conference.

(Other than loving the community, we are not affiliated with Writer Unboxed. This is just writers helping other writers.)

We discovered there were mothers with young children who would be unable to attend because of those additional financial issues. They would have to come up with not only airfare (in some cases, international airfare!), room and board, and the conference fee — but they were going to need childcare help, as well.

Since it’s a close knit family, we decided to throw a fund raiser — this fund raiser — which would sell a bundle of valuable resources that would benefit our fellow writers, and whose proceeds would enable these writing moms to attend the conference.


Have you had trouble figuring out that whole “platform” thing? Have you had difficulty juggling your writing and your promotion (not to mention the rest of your life) and feel like you could use some resources to make that easier?

Thanks to the generosity of several awesome authors and experts, we’re offering this collection ebooks and courses to help navigate craft, marketing, and career planning.

What’s the price?

Together, these resources would retail for over $200.

And we’re selling the whole lot for $100 — 50% off.

We’ve budgeted $15,000 to take care of the financial needs of the moms on our list.

So when we sell 150 copies of this bundle… THE SALE WILL CLOSE.

This is limited quantity only. First come, first served. We’ve made this agreement with our donors, and since this is a one-time fund raiser, we’re not holding any finances for future growth or a private organization. It goes from you to the mothers. That simple.

Click through to see the all the things!

And happy writing.

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