Rewrite Sunday!


Rewrites! Massive rewrites!

I’ve brought a character back to life. I’ve deleted scenes and added others.

I asked myself questions about character motivations and goals. The answers have pointed out plot holes and inconsistencies.

I may not be up to the task of making this story work, I’m trying anyway.

Since the story takes place in an alternate reality, it has alternate religions. Religion is a major force behind some characters, so I’m exploring how this belief system works. And I’m writing its commandments, which are similar to the 10 in the bible, but different–something of a sci-fi element to them. Since the religious characters can quote their holy book, I have to know what they’re quoting. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe when the commandments are written, I’ll share them here.

Story-a-Day September is coming! I’ve never participated in the September edition, but this year I’m giving it a shot. Having a theme helps me with the challenges. The theme isn’t binding, of course. I give myself the freedom to write what I want, but if I am stuck for ideas, having a theme can kickstart a story. Previous themes have been boyfriends, fairytales, and time travel. This time around? Origin stories for my fictional religions, governments, and rebellions.

I hope the stories are interesting!

Thanks for reading.


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Thanks as ever.

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