“…in the company of these witches.”


On the inside flap of my friend‘s magical tale, you’ll find this quote from the National Post. “One cannot help but want to spend more time in the company of these witches.”

Well, yes. Please.

Though to be honest, more than being in their company, I’d like to be part of their company. But I have to settle for this charming glimpse.

Full disclosure, I know the author Ami because we were college roommates. So fair enough if you take my recommend with the proverbial grain of salt (sea salt, please).

But you can read reviews of The Witches of New York here, here, and here.

Her other books are delightful too. The Birth House (#1 best seller in Canada) and The Virgin Cure. So, I’m not alone in enjoying her work. Not in the least.

Half Spent Was the Night is a wee book. You’ll probably be able to read it in one sitting. As with any good book, you’ll wish it was longer, but this is a Yuletide tale. It is a gift. Open and enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

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