This Halloween


The witches gather together to prepare.
Try to stop them if you dare.
They cast their spells far and wide.
They call for the spirits of those who’ve died.
“Who among you stood up for the weak?
We offer this moment for you to speak.
Tell us you comforted, you encouraged, the small,
you opened hope’s doors and built us no wall.
We ask you to account for the world that you made,
Before the new and the different, you stood unafraid.
Show us the colors of this earth you embraced,
the use of the magic with which you were graced.
We witches we see you. We don’t always forgive.
We need no bell, book, nor candle to know how to live.
So speak, human spirit, now that your body is bone.
Will your soul soar or sink like stone?”

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