Building with Words


National Novel Writing Month ends soon. I reached 50k the day before Thanksgiving, but I’ve continued to write every day. I worked on the universe I created a few years ago during another NaNoWriMo. Much of these details and backstory will never appear in the novel, but these things should help the world feel real nonetheless as I finish writing the story.

Like any story, it isn’t for everyone. I call it a sci-fi fairytale because while it has what some people think of as sci-fi elements (spaceships and planets) much of it is really magical (talking wolves and drinks that contain ghosts).

But I don’t want to call it a space fantasy. I don’t know…do you think different things if you hear “space fantasy” than if you hear “sci-fi fairytale”? What would the difference be to you?

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Building with Words

  1. A space fantasy could be pretty much anything. A fairy tale has a specific structure/attitude implied: That things don’t go according to realistic expectation, that horrible things happen to good people but that the universe conspires against the monsters, that goodness does good for someone even if it’s by the death of the bearer of the good. A Science Fiction Fairy Tale would make me say, “I’m in!” Of course, so would your byline, so….

  2. Dave Henning

    I agree, sci-fi fairytale sounds better. On the other hand, urban fantasy is an established term, which would seem to imply space fantasy would be the “right”way to describe it. But in the end, it’s your work, so it’s for you to choose.🙂

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