February Changes


In one half of the world, winter unfurls and unravels
blankets of ice and cold and spells.

If this is where you find yourself, in long dark nights,
listen for magic and starlight and bells.


I hope whatever season you’re in is treating you well. I’ve kept a few New Year’s resolutions! And I’m working on a couple now-is-as-good-as-time-as-any resolutions. One of them is more of a my-health-depends-on-it resolution. But whatever.

What have you changed in this Year of Our Universe 2019? I’ve closed my Etsy shop and my RedBubble account, and I’m in no hurry to replace them. I’ve changed the stories I link to above. I’m working out changes to my newsletter. What else? That’s enough for now. Who knows what March will bring? What hopes do you have for our lovely month of March? I hope to have all my stories and novels sorted. We shall see.

I pulled this out of a magic box the other day! Okay, it was a nice, wooden box where I tucked this away for safe keeping a long time ago. Recently I received a small, library card catalogue (with six drawers) and I’m putting handmade books and other treasures inside. Guests rarely ever notice, but those that do, shall be surprised.

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Thanks for reading, and here is a coffee jar (where I post different art).

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