Story-a-Day September

Story-a-Day September has begun. Usually I have a theme or plan, and the plan this time around was going to be working my princess detective novel. And I am working on that, but when I sat down on September first, an image of a wolf on a hill popped up on my head. So I wrote about him. This is how I found myself with a theme I didn’t expect.

I’ve now written five very short stories about animals, birds, fish, and insects taking control of the world. The stories feel connected in that though each pack, flock, and school do their own thing, the more I write, the more I see they’re taking part in a larger act. Each story is a battle, part of a war, and they are winning.

I’m also working on The Princess Detective.

In other unexpected projects, I’m making a handmade book of pinup girl trading cards! These are not my usual sort of images, but a fellow in my Buy Nothing Group posted this collection and something just spoke to me. He wanted to give them a new home. I told him I’d bind them together in a book (probably several books because there are a lot of cards), and he liked that idea, so now they’re mine. I’ll share the results in a few weeks!

A few days ago, neither of these projects had occurred to me, but where do ideas come from? Sometimes it feels as if ideas are tossed out from the ether, and you trip over them in the dark. Either you pick them up and shine a light on them, or you mutter under your breath and walk on, leaving them there for someone else.

What projects are you working on?

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2 thoughts on “Story-a-Day September

  1. I love all your ideas! Sometimes mine come like that, unexpected gifts, which make me so happy! Right now, I’m having to do more of a hunt, underwater, in a very muddy, weedy pond.

  2. Those projects sound brilliant and I’d love to see anything you want to share. I heard once that ideas flow like a river we dip from and take what nourishes us, and the rest keep flowing for others. I love that.

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