At This Point in Time

Things are changing in our house. (Though life is change, so when are things not changing?) I’ll be starting my second job (losing time I’ve spent writing and making things) and our teen has started college.

Then there are the outside forces, the Delta variant and the changes to our climate and whatever-in-the-all-the-levels-of-hell our rage-filled, conspiracy-addled fellow citizens have in store.

I’m working on my princess detective story. I’m kinda, sorta participating in Story-a-Day. I’ll write every day. Will it be a story? I don’t know. My second job is really knocking me for a loop, so I’m keeping my expectations low for my mental well-being.

(Speaking of mental well-being, February’s winter storm killed one of our trees. Do you know how much it cost to have a tree removed? Jeez louise, y’all. I hope I sell more art and books.)

Like these books!

Here is somethings I watched while cutting up boards and paper:

The documentary is sad and compelling. Maybe it isn’t right for you to watch at this point in time, but I do recommend it.

I hope all is well with you.

Thanks for reading.

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Stay safe out there.

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