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I’m deluded and that’s okay. (I angst all night and I worry all day.)

On those American Idol tryouts you see those people who believe they can sing. They sing their best with all their dreams flung about for the world to see and then are told how awful they are. And they are awful. Perhaps you’ve laughed at their self-delusion. Perhaps you’ve cringed. Actually, I’ve never watched the … Continue reading

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Kill the Ones They Love

Fans are a mixed blessing. I’ve been reading about True Fans and I’ve been reading commentary by the fans of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Torchwood. And it seems there’s a lesson in there about Fan Rage. Fan Rage may be more prevalent in sci-fi and fantasy genres sicne they’re the genres in which fans … Continue reading

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High School, Facebook, and Who the Hell Am I Anyway?

Former high school friends find me on facebook. This happens to everyone who ventures onto fb-land. Maybe this makes you happy. Most of the people who “friend” me, are nice people. They never did me any particular harm back in school. In some ways, catching up on their lives is good. But here is the … Continue reading

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Maybe Numbered

Blogging may betray my incessant need for reassurance. What else are all these like/share/tellmeyouloveme buttons for? Sometimes I am envious of writers-gone-by who just wrote in the silence, unconnected world of their homes and then waited to hear back eventually from their editor. And then wait to perhaps get a few letters from readers. I … Continue reading