Back to the Story

These are strange days indeed. I'm teaching from home, which is weird, though I'm getting used to it. I might be coming out of the creative fog I've been in. Don't want to jinx it, but nevertheless, here I am, testing fate and hoping for the best. Years ago one NaNoWriMo, I started this story …

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And your favorite time traveler is…?

I want to write about a time traveler who travels through time and space. I have a beginning for such a story but not much else. Who is your favorite time traveler? Mine, in case you don't know (in which case you're new around here), is the Doctor. I like all the Doctors, by the …

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June is here!

I finished Story-a-Day May! I wrote every single day and ended up with probably 29 stories or scenes I can polish up or use somewhere. And even though I've ended up re-publishing my first novel on my own, that isn't what I want for the rest. Or I don't think it is. My dithering about …

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Boxes and Wedding Parties

May 2014 ends today. I spent the last few days in Las Vegas for a friend's wedding, and I completely dropped the proverbial ball on writing for Story-a-Day May. I didn't gamble in Las Vegas, not even with a slot machine. Most of the time, lights, sounds, people overloaded my senses. But I had a …

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Stand with Texas Women

Where’s my cancer patient action figure?

I know this ridiculous, but what if the Doctor's companion was a cancer patient. She could run around between chemo treatments and lose her hair. I don't know. It's crazy, but maybe it would be nice to see patients with certain illnesses on film out in the world doing things. And by doing things I …

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bunnies in light

This Solstice

Today was the summer solstice. A year ago today, we had our housewarming party to celebrate moving into our very first house. A week from today I'll have my fourth chemo treatment (12 more to go after that). Before I'm done with chemo, I'll have another book out that I've illustrated. Soon after I finish …

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