The Halloween Chronicles
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The Halloween Chronicles

Nothing scary is happening. Not yet, anyway. Oh, scary things lurk nearby, certainly. Ebola has come to my state. War wages in far too many places to list. Terrorists plot somewhere. Something you don’t expect waits right around the corner. But I’m sitting on my patio, glimpsing fireflies and listening to the whir of the … Continue reading

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A student told me today that in her country if you told people you were afraid of dogs, they would think you were normal. But if you told people you were afraid of spiders, they would think you were crazy. Well, okay. I learn something every day. Have you learned anything surprising lately? Continue reading

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Women Are Awesome. How about if We Stop Murdering Them?

I don’t remember when I started to care about women. (And I’m not going to say women’s issues because it’s not a self-contained status sort of thing. We’re half the population—-nothing special interest about that.) In grad school I complained about a professor who told the class his favorite bar was called “The Silent Woman” … Continue reading


Late and Fantastic

Today this message from a student appeared in my inbox. Am very sorry to disturb you on this beautiful wednesday .well just wanted to let you now that am really sorry , I ll be late because I overslept my dream was magic, I mean fantastic. This may well be my favorite excuse ever. And … Continue reading