The Hermiones: Hermione! (Of Course.)
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The Hermiones: Hermione! (Of Course.)

If you’re going to name a group the Hermiones, you obviously need the first Hermione (apologies to all the good souls out there named Hermione before the Harry Potter onslaught). In my Hermione series, I’ve decided to include real and fictional individuals. Furthermore, while it would be grand if I could designate a Tarot card … Continue reading

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The Feminine in the Sky

A smart and talented woman I know wrote this book: The Coming of the Feminine Christ. (Which due to some technical difficulties, I’ve had to unlink to.) This is not a review; I haven’t read the book yet. And this is not about your religion; I don’t need to know (and let’s not ruin a … Continue reading

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Keep your mouth shut.

Do you argue with people online who you’ve never met? If you do, are those arguments mud-fests with names flying? If not, why not? Most people I know who are on facebook have at least one I-shouldn’t-have-made-that-comment experience. If not that, then a I-can’t-believe-X-left that-comment experience. Haven’t you? If you decide to pick a fight … Continue reading

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Chronicles of Ink and Paper

One agent suggested my novel was young adult. This surprised me because I wasn’t trying to write a young adult novel. The main character is a teenager though. But I never thought I was writing for teens. Writing for teens…that’s a minefield. Well, it can be. Adults are allowed to read anything without much of … Continue reading

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The Dreaded “A” Question

I hate the “A” question. So, I read a blog post by my friend JES regarding the “A” word–as in What is your novel About? An agent is currently looking at my first novel, and this “A” question is on my mind. My first novel is about a difficult subject…a conversation stopper subject. Now let’s … Continue reading