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Must. Be. Meaningful.

I’ve started several blog posts that I haven’t finished. Percocet took over and I couldn’t think. And everything I write seems ridiculous. Trite. Meaningless. I don’t have anything to add to the cancer narrative. I can’t add any original observations. I’ve started reading two breast cancer memoirs. I finished the first chapter of one of … Continue reading

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A student told me today that in her country if you told people you were afraid of dogs, they would think you were normal. But if you told people you were afraid of spiders, they would think you were crazy. Well, okay. I learn something every day. Have you learned anything surprising lately? Continue reading

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Speaking of mug shots…

Do you ever google people from your past? Hmmm? Well, okay. So. I set my novel in 1985 because that’s when I was a teen and because I didn’t want to deal with cell phones and google. I used my hometown as a starting point for my novel. But then my fictional town of Lake … Continue reading

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Maybe! Are you surprised?

Surprise may be something you avoid. Years ago, a friend’s husband asked me to get his wife out of the house on the day of her surprise birthday party. “It’s your birthday! What do you want to do? My treat!” “I want to see Life is Beautiful.” “For your birthday? Won’t it be depressing?” “Yes! … Continue reading