6 thoughts on “Another Lesson in What You Can and Can Not Do

  1. I love it when my friend reminds me, “Forget PTA. You’re not on that program.” When I look at piles of paper and feel sad that my place doesn’t look like a Martha Stewart photo spread, I remember, “Oh, yeah. I’m not on that program. I released a new project this week, my kids are well-snuggled–I’m on THAT program.”

  2. I can’t do it all. I let so much go. I don’t worry about the house being clean so much as that I worry that I don’t do enough structured stuff with my son or get him out meeting other little kids, etc. Not that we don’t know anybody, but mostly we’re homebodies. We’ve worked out a nice routine and now that he’s getting older, it’s so much easier for me to get some chores done while he’s awake, and then I can write when he’s sleeping. But I have a long to do list with items on it that I wrote down months ago, and I think it’ll be months before I tick them off. I really have to decide what’s most important to me and just stick with that…..as long as I don’t get in too many arguments about it with my husband. ha.

  3. [Okay. I like to think of myself as a careful reader but this one goes completely by me. Is it something NaNoWriMo-related? Is there supposed to be an image here? What, dear God, what does “this lodge” mean? I’ve even tried assuming it to be a typo but still can’t quite make it out.]

  4. No. Can’t do it all. Can’t do anything perfectly. Can’t be Martha Stewart. Can’t be this social bunny who has friends popping out of every hole. Can’t clean the house well or face every fear every time without fail forging ahead.

  5. JES, well, yes, it is a bit wrong. See. Just proves my point. I can’t do everything. Anyway, if I’d written it more clearly I would written something more like–

    It is taking a while to get this lesson lodged in my head, but I can’t do it all.

    Sorry. Maybe a person shouldn’t blog while tired.

  6. Oh. Duh. 🙂

    Gotta ask, especially after reading your subsequent post, how could you NOT be tired?

    Every now and then, a favorite blogger somewhere will announce that his/her blogging is about to drop off precipitously, or stop altogether. His/Her fans scream, like, Oh no! What am I gonna do now with my morning coffee break? Who’s going to advise me about [X]? But I think that’s what is happening with those bloggers, often if not always: they just can’t do it all.

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