Change and Other Cool Things



My publisher, Plum Tree Books, is launching two children’s books that I illustrated!

I’ve been distracted and more unorganized than usual because of a cancer diagnosis and chemo brain, but I’m trying to get my life and my attitude back on track. I’m excited about my publisher’s work and I want her books to do well.

And more books are in the works. Hurray!

Please look! Here. Order too. There are cards with my art as well. Take a look. Take a look. Take a look.

It’s so nice to have some good news. And today had my first latte in many weeks. It actually tastes good. Chemo has ruined my taste buds. Well, at least I can write and draw.

Also, today I finish up Story-a-Day May. I’ve been posting an ongoing story (which is, yes, fudging the story-a-day rules) over at my other blog The Fairy Tale Asylum. I missed one day, and the pieces aren’t stand alone, and the pieces are short, and many days I didn’t want to write because, hey, chemo sucks. But I wrote. And that makes me happy.

I saw a tee shirt the other day and that captures my general philosophy: Get excited and make something.

Glad you’re here.

7 thoughts on “Change and Other Cool Things

  1. Sophie

    This picture is incredible. You are seriously raising the bar for illustrating children’s books. Good luck to the rest of them. You don’t need the luck ‘cuz you have an insane amount of talent.

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