Websites and Housecleaning


I don’t know who created this Neil Gaiman meme, but I need it pinned in every room in my house.

But once the story ends, it wishes to be read. The story can’t hide in a file, right? Anyway, I’m changing a few things around here. Cleaning and polishing. Getting things ready for when my novel, The Blue Jar, steps out into the world. (Thanks to Plum Tree Books!)

When you go to an author’s website, what sort of things do you expect or want to find there? What do you not want to see?

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Websites and Housecleaning

  1. I just stole your fantastic meme.
    On an author’s website, I want it to be easy to navigate, the books front and centre, a bio and perhaps a blog of what they are writing now. I don’t want a lot of links.

  2. It’s nice to get a view of the author and not just the book(s) when you go to a website. I know some writers prefer to stay dark and mysterious when writing and give little away except where they’re currently up to but maybe I inherited a nosy gene. If a writer has a website then presumably they’ll be doing some promotions maybe even some Author Interviews but I like to learn what they’ve been up to that week and how it’s affected their writing. I like to get a taste of what they enjoy.
    xxx Hugs xxx

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