My Story Unicorn
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My Story Unicorn

How do you think a unicorn starts its day? As a kid, I wanted to be a unicorn. Sometimes I would wish to turn into one. Ah, childhood. I don’t suppose I can be a unicorn and a writer. Unicorns can’t type. As far as I know. Tomorrow will be a year since my surgery. … Continue reading

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Getting Back to Normal Perhaps

Recovering from surgery seems like a good time to blog again. But after I recover from this surgery, I’ll start taking Tamoxifen and that should be it. Except for checkups every three months (until I graduate to every six months and then to once a year), all this cancer stuff should be behind me. I’m … Continue reading

This Solstice
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This Solstice

Today was the summer solstice. A year ago today, we had our housewarming party to celebrate moving into our very first house. A week from today I’ll have my fourth chemo treatment (12 more to go after that). Before I’m done with chemo, I’ll have another book out that I’ve illustrated. Soon after I finish … Continue reading

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Cover Yourself

When I tell people I teach English as a second language, they usually say, “Oh. You speak Spanish?” “No.” I wait a beat. “Most of my students don’t speak Spanish either.” My students come from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, France, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Taiwan, … Continue reading