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my art
my art

One lesson I’ve taken from Rowling (and she’s not the only author to do this) is to write the ending of the series first. Well, actually, I already had the ending written. I’ve rewritten it with a few new ideas in mind. Now I have something to work towards.

Although what I have in mind isn’t a straight forward series. I’ve always liked the idea of a net. Or network as today’s parlance may be. Several stories are already written that take place in the same town. The stories overlap. With luck, enough readers will come along with me.

In non-writing news, I’ve been thinking about cancer. I listened to this week’s episode of On the Media: The Cancer Show. Everyone should listen to it because if you haven’t had cancer, you’re bound to know someone who has or who will. Like me. if you don’t know, I received my cancer diagnosis in January 2013 and I finished my treatment in time for Christmas. Of course, it isn’t really over in that I have to have regular checkups and I have to be mindful of side effects from my meds and everything and anything that feels wrong (back pain, for instance) has to be given a cancer screening. (Back pain ruled not cancer, but a degenerative issue. Yay! I think. I don’t even know.)

And like several people in the On the Media piece, I’m not comfortable with the survivor label either. I’m fortunate. Nor did I “fight.” I mean, what does that even mean? I showed up for treatments, did what I was told, went to work, and kept living my life. What else are you going to do?

Anyway, I NED at the moment (No Evidence of Disease), and I hope I have a long time to keep writing and making art and to see my son grow up. But I’m not taking these wishes for granted.

Other bloggers have nifty lists of ways to live a better life, a post-cancer life, a follow-your-dream life, a whatever-you-want kind of life. Of course, those lists are for people who have time to surf the net and read lists and share memes.

So, if there’s any lesson here, perhaps it’s get writing or doing whatever it is you’re going to do.

Thanks for reading.

Live long and prosper.

One thought on “At this moment…

  1. Ah, the labels, the one-size-fits-all ideas about cancer and other illnesses. The term survivor, much as I respect those who may claim it, still brings to my mind the image of a bedraggled person clinging to a piece of wood, adrift in the ocean.

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