Fingers-crossed and coffee mug filled!


With a little luck, I might write a lot this week before the summer semester begins. Fingers-crossed and coffee mug filled!

Also, I have news.

My incredibly supportive and lovely publisher has needed to make a change, and Plum Tree Books is no more. I’m sad, but I hope this will allow her to focus on her own writing. She’s been so busy helping other authors and illustrators, she hasn’t and the time to write her own stories, and that’s an unfortunate thing.

The downside for me, of course, is that I’m sans publisher again. My novel, The Blue Jar, remains as an ebook on Amazon, but a print version is not available for the time being. Keeping it as an ebook on my own is fine. I just haven’t decided if I want to self-publish it now. I’m working on other stories, and self-publishing seems like a lot of work.

I hope to find another publisher because I’m not convinced self-publishing is right for me. And well, I don’t have to decide today.

This week I’ll be working on my second novel, Drowning Karma, and on another story, The Fairy Tale Asylum, for Story-a-Day May. For those interested, I’ll be posting fiction daily on my Fairy Tale Asylum blog.

2015-05-02 10.01.12

Yesterday, a friend and I took part in a local community festival. If I have any new visitors here as a result of picking up my card there, then welcome and hello! Thank you for stopping by our booth. It was a beautiful day and I got to see neighbors, friends, and lots of other folks. I don’t have any other shows lined up yet. Maybe something again at my local coffee shop. We shall see.

I’ve got my newsletter too, by the way. My attempts to add a sign-up thingy (tech-speak alert!) have come to nought. But you can let me know you’re interested by sending me a message at mapelba at gmail dot com.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Thanks, as always, for reading.

2 thoughts on “Fingers-crossed and coffee mug filled!

  1. I’m really disappointed that you are sans publisher again and devastated for poor Niamh who I’m sure will miss Plum Tree. Though if this move helps with her writing then it’s a good thing. The decision must have been hard.
    The cards with your designs on are very effective Marta, I hope you had a very successful day at the community festival.
    Well done on having your newsletter now. I do hope you manage to get the ‘sign up’ sorted.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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