Day Three

2016-04-28 18.26.08

The prompt for Story-a-Day today was to write a 100 word story. I don’t always follow the prompts, but after yesterdays very long, about-to-get-out-of-control story, the idea of a very short story appealed.

Another Day on the Job

Ben Chiselsmith navigated his ship into position. He sipped his tea, reviewed the orders. Everything was clear and signed, of course. The authorization seal gleamed in cabin lighting. Ben yawned.

The planet turned. The sun was rising over this particular zone. “Sun rises. Suns sets. Rises. Sets,” he muttered, sipped more tea, and checked his communicator. No messages yet again.

He tapped buttons, pulled levers. “Rises. Sets. Same ol’, same ol’.”
The ship shuddered. A beam bright as the sun blasted from the ship. Debris spiraled by and he sipped the last of the tea. “Nothing ever happens to me.”

Thanks for reading!

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