Story-a-Day September Begins!


Welcome to September and my favorite time of year! It may still be close to 100 degrees today in my corner of the planet, but it is fall in my heart.

Anyway, I’ve signed on for Story-a-Day September. This time around I’ll be avoiding most of the prompts since I have something close to a plan for what I want to accomplish.

What I’ve started with isn’t a traditional story. It’s a sci-fi fairytale bible story. That is, my alternative universe has an alternative Christianity, and I’m writing key stories for its holy book. Religious beliefs motivate several characters, so I want to understand what those beliefs are based on.

This holy book and belief system must take into account the entire universe. My story is an alternative universe where humans live on many planets. The religion should reflect that. Also, it has to feel like it fits in a sci-fi/fairytale world.

The religion is the Pleiades and this is its creation story. Thanks for reading!

The Pleiades Christians
The Creation

In the beginning was nothing, neither light nor dark, neither time nor space. The God sparked the first light that rent the nothingness into an infinite number of pieces, and each one spun. The pieces flew, creating gravity and energy, the force of life, and all that could ever be.

The God commanded the multitude of lights to shine through infinity and thus the lights did shine. The God ordered the lights to turn and everything began their eternal motion through the God’s heavens, bringing with them the flow of time, days and nights, and seasons.

The God held every shining creation and bestowed upon each its own way of existing, air and waterways, flora and fauna, beasts, fish, insects, and countless unseeable things. The God reached for yet another of these perfect worlds and blessed it with humanity. “Let this be the starting point for life that will move throughout all my creations, and through them the universe will know me.”

And yet, the God saw the wildness that came with life and brought forth protections and guidance for everything in creation. Looking over the most blessed of the worlds, the God chose seven souls and lifted them into the heavens, the first to be shown the tremendous expanse of the God’s plan, and hence the Pleiades were then stars, the Seven Sisters, to rule every thing that breathed and grew, every planet and star, and even the vast darkness in between.

The God, being beyond happiness and melancholy, felt satisfaction. Before leaving the newborn universe to grow and expand, the God shared final gifts to fuel the many hearts now beating on the blue-green Earth—dreams and hopes and unanswerable questions. And it was magic.


“I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.” ~FBI Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks.

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