Dear Llama


I went through files and files and files this last weekend in a crazed effort to organize my writing as if this will fix all my problems. Well, the problems remain, but I do now know that I have 124 short stories. Thank you, Story-a-Day! Or curse you as the case may be.

The stories aren’t all finished, of course. I have the stories I’m putting together for an anthology, and there are still the manuscripts to deal with, but I want to work on these stories too.

Perhaps I have shinychosis. LOOK! SHINY THING! MUST PLAY WITH NOW!

When you’re surrounded by shiny things, how do you choose?

Oh, Llama. Story-a-Day September is coming!

But I have a plan–a polish-the-shiny-things plan. It requires barring new shiny things. The gates are closed. The ramparts are reinforced. Protective spells are cast. Instead, each day will be a day to finish something I started. It might be a short story or it might be a chapter, and it means flitting about from thing to thing, but something will be done every day.

Wish me luck.

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